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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy Ever

Facebook is a very popular social media platform used by millions of users. The number of active Facebook users increase dramatically every year making it one of the inevitable marketing platforms of the 21st century.

Businesses can use this immense potential to cut through a very large audience and increase brand awareness by taking advantage of the growing amount of social media users. Facebook allows businesses to target and engages with the desired audience by gender, age, location and other demographics to promote and sell products and services.

Facebook mainly comprises of three parts – pages, ads, and groups


A Facebook page is where basic details like address, location, website address, phone numbers and other relevant details can be filled out. The Page will act as a profile where businesses can add images, videos, texts and other valuable contents to attract and engage users. Good quality contents are the key to make the page live and reach millions of users. A quality content has the potential to get viral and reach as many uses by shares, likes, and comments. Facebook is governed by its advanced algorithms and when a content is dealt with high user engagement, the algorithms automatically feed more user with the content and thereby resulting in more people engage with the content with user comments, likes, and shares. Business can acquire users by making them “Like” the page, as this will make Facebook shows the recent posts and promotions from that page in their newsfeed.


Facebook ads manager can be used to push your FB posts to more people by choosing certain demographics by interests, age, location and more. It is a paid form of advertising on Facebook. Facebook Ads is a comprehensive tool to run promotional activities where Facebook automatically push – ads, posts, and video to relevant users against advertising fees.


Facebook Group are rich sources for getting higher engagement in Facebook marketing. Facebook groups are segmented places where people with specific interests come together and Interact. Any individual with a Facebook account can create and add members to a page. Finding and engaging with very active Facebook pages that share similar interest related to your business can have a tremendous impact on increasing your brand value and overall sales. Since the Facebook users who participate in a group are looking for similar products and services, businesses get the chance to interact with ready to buy customers, and this can increase overall sales and better ROI.