An Introduction to Guest Blogging

Accelerate Content marketing success with Guest blogging?


It may sound strange. You spent a great amount of time in research and then put all your creative effort to write an article, and instead of publishing it on your blog you give it away free.

This is guest blogging. Guest blogging reap dividends. It is a popular and highly accepted digital marketing method.  

Guest blogging reap excellent benefits.  How would you be rewarded by guest blogging?

It expands your audience base. Beginners in blogging attract few readers.  However, by publishing their work on blogs with a strong base will expand the reach.

Getting your article published on credible websites will help you position yourself as an expert in the particular topic you write.

When the websites you post your article have a higher reach than yours, the content you write will have potential to rank for key phrases you expect.

By guest blogging, you establish a relationship with industry leaders and their followers.

Targeting the right blog is important.  Most of the newbie guest bloggers rely on lame automation tools and email templates. They tend to send hundreds of desperate pitched emails, which obviously is rejected by a good chunk of people.

Successful guest bloggers plan very well and do proper research.

The blogs should carry content that caters to the existing audience. A well researched and thought out content ensures quality. Examine the traffic ranking on a regular basis.

Interaction with the readers is another important factor in building up the audience. Author bios are another significant factor that contributes to better traffic.